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*************************     NOTICE: The range will be closed tomorrow, 10/15/2019, for construction until 3PM. ****************************************

Any rapid fire shooting must be limited to matches or practice for a recognized match course of fire.  Indiscriminate rapid fire and devices which simulate full automatic fire such as bump stocks are prohibited.  The intent of this rule is to ensure a safe environment and control the impact of range noise on our neighbors.

On Friday, November 1st, SAFE Firearms Training, LLC will have a 5-hour basic firearms training class. All class information and a link to registration can be found here:


Club Mailing Address:                         Club Physical Address ( No Mail Delivery)   
P.O. Box 232 3938 Bowser Road
New Freedom, PA 17349                   New Freedom. PA 17349
Email: Range Phone 717-227-0131
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