Seitzland Rifle Club

Guest Policy

Seitzland Guest Policy and Guest Registration Instructions


By paying the guest fee and using Seitzland Rifle Club facilities, the sponsoring member and guest agree to the Club’s General Release.  The General Release provides that the member and guest:

  1. can legally possess and use firearms.
  2. understand that the use of firearms can be dangerous.
  3. are entirely responsible for any personal injuries or property damage you may cause or suffer while you are using the Club’s facilities.
  4. are aware you may be photographed or recorded while you are on the Club’s facilities, and you give the Club full permission to use those images as the Club sees fit.
  5. indicate their understanding of the General Release by dating and signing Guest Pass.

Instructions for Guest Registration:

  1. Guest passes, envelopes, lock box, and log book are located in the clubhouse, on the door at the entrance to the indoor range.
  2. Only 3 guests per adult member, per day.
  3. Junior guests, age 17 and under, are free.  The guest pass registration process and form must still be used.
  4. Guest form process:
    1. Fill out guest form.  Use one form for each guest.
    2. Tear guest pass off the guest form.  Guest will carry the pass, to be presented if requested.
    3. Place remainder of guest form in envelope.  One envelope can be used for the maximum of 3 guests. 
    4. Place $5.00 for each adult guest, cash only, in envelope.  Insert in the lock box.
    5. Member completes entry in log book.
    6. The sponsoring member is responsible for all guest actions.

Membership information is available at

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