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Thank you for your interest in joining the Seitzland Rifle Club


This page is currently being reconstructed. In the meantime, please download the PDF application, Orientation Packet and Member By-Laws.  Fill out the application and bring it to a club meeting on the first Tuesday of every month at 7:00 PM.

Membership details are located on page 5 of the Orientation Packet.

Please look them over and contact us if you have additional questions.

PDF Application

The membership application is also available in an electronic format. Please print a copy to turn in:

Orientation Packet

Our mailing address for renewals and inquiries is:

Seitzland Rifle Club

PO Box 232

New Freedom, PA 17349

General steps for application process

  1. Fill out an application and bring to a meeting -- see schedule -- 3938 Bowser Rd, New Freedom

  2. Introduce yourself at meeting, turn in application, show NRA card.

  3. Attend an Orientation meeting at the club -- See schedule for quarterly Orientation meeting dates. At the orientation, you'll pay your membership dues & initiation fee.

  4. If no sponsor is available, the Orientation committee will determine eligibility without a sponsor.

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